Huge Fuel Savings

Pictured to the right is the boiler room in the Unitarian Church of Westport. We changed out the old boiler and saved them around 65% in fuel. the savings were calculated from the same time period in 2010 with the old system to 2011 with the new system. We removed the old boiler and replaced it with two HTP Elite Boilers and a Tekmar Building Automation System. Everything in the boiler room was repiped and rewired. Nothing else was done to the church in this time period to save energy. Over many years John Ruhnke has done extensive research into energy efficiency. John believes that in order to reduce our co2 impact we must do more savings from smarter choices in equipment!! John has lots of other testimonials from clients with simular savings. We have case studies done by scientists and engineers. We have the results from the study for the new European Energy Standard that backs up our results. Wether we install Solar Thermal, Geothermal, GAHP’s Mod/Con’s, Building Automation and more! All of our systems are designed for efficient performance.

It isn’t just one thing that creates all of the savings. Below is a list of 14 things that John incorporated into this project through the boilers and control system. This is for the Techno Geeks.

1) High Turn Down Ratio

2) Modulating Burners

3) Post Purge

4) Small water content in boilers

5) Lower Water Temperatures

6) Outdoor Reset

7) Indoor Feedback

8) Eliminated heating the fresh air intake

9) Boiler Staging

10) Lengthen Boiler Cycles

11) Smaller multiple boilers

12) Cold Start

13) Warm Weather Shutdown

14) Pulse Width Modulation

15) Recover Heat from Condensate