“The fuel savings were immense!”

Brooks Jones, switched from electric baseboard heating to propane fueled radiant heating system, Westport, CT

 “By changing out our old boiler and installing 2 modulating condensing boilers and adding a networked Tekmar control, our fuel bills went from over $10,000 to $3,700! That’s over 60% reduction in fuel cost!”

            John C, Unitarian Church of Westport

To whom it may concern,

    My company has been doing high end residential contracting for almost 30 years. I have been using JR’s Plumbing & Heating for the past 5 years. John and his employees have always delivered an excellent product in a timely fashion at competitive rates.

    Considering all of my subcontractors, I would say that John is the one who most enjoys his work. With a difficult task at hand, John is always ready to do the research and to do what it takes to get it right. Recently, at a very large home in Darien, he brought back to life a 70 year old neglected, run down steam heating system. My customer was very impressed with his work.

    I am a builder who gives out very few compliments, but I feel strongly about what I have written above and it was a pleasure to write this letter for him.

Paul Santoro, Santoro Associates Inc. Darien 

“After we installed radiant floor heat in several rooms, even on the coldest days, you can stand anywhere in the room and you’re warm and comfortable. We kept our old boiler, but upgraded the controls to Tekmar.  And with our indirect water heater, we never run out of hot water. Just as important, our new system has cut our heating bills by 30%!”

            Albert James, owner of 3,000 sq. ft. home in Stamford, CT

“After I converted my heating system from steam to hot water, I cut my fuel bills in half! I changed to a Buderus boiler with a logomatic outdoor reset control.”

            Prisco Panza, Shelton, CT

“JR’s replaced our old boiler with a new Buderus boiler and Turbomax indirect.  He also added outdoor reset. Later on, in the middle of Winter, I started to have problems with my oil company.  They came over to deliver oil and they couldn’t.  The service dept called and wanted to send over a technician.  They thought the whistle on the tank was broken.  But, it wasn’t.  The tank was full!  The front office then looked into things.  After reviewing the Winter deliveries, they had to adjust my monthly payment plan.  It dropped from $280/month down to $126/month!  That’s more than half!!”

            Art Gottlieb, Norwalk, CT

“John, the owner, and Fred, his #1 assistant, are committed to only doing things the right way.  They are most responsive and pay attention to every detail, guaranteeing high quality work.  With the radiant system they installed, there is no air blowing which can be very uncomfortable. I love the radiant heating system.  It keeps the room temperature steady and comfortable.  ”

            Penny Glassmeyer, Darien, CT