We have entered¬†four projects in the Radiant Panel Associations System Showcase Awards.¬†The first project we didn’t win anything. We won first place three times in a row for our category after that. One year we took Best in Show with the highest points total in the history of the ten year competition. We had to submit 7 photo’s and three CAD drawings for the projects. John Ruhnke did all the design work and CAD drawings. Fred Cuttitta was the lead installer and craftsman that did the excellent board work.

2004 1st Place Retrofit RPA System Showcase.

2005 1st Place Commercial RPA System Showcase.

2005 Best in Show (Highest Points Total in History of the Competition) RPA System Showcase.

2006 Contractor of the Year (PHC News Magazine)

2007 1st Place Retrofit RPA System Showcase.

A national distributed magazine called Plumbing & Hydronic Contractor News named John Ruhnke from JR’s Comfortable Heat LLC (Formerly known as JR’s Plumbing & Heating LLC) Contractor of the Year for 2006. The picture below appeared on the cover of the magazine. The picture is the radiant heating and geothermal radiant cooling system installed in John Ruhnke’s house. John, Fred and PJ are tuning up the boiler.