About us

We are a design and build contracting firm that has been in business since 1990. Our territory is Lower Fairfield County of Connecticut and we work in residential, commercial and industrial areas. We specialize in Green Heating, hot water heating (including radiant), steam heating and plumbing. Our company excels in custom work. Jobs range in size from service work that takes less then an hour to complicated projects that can take more then a year to complete. We are members of many trade associations and are fully licensed and insured.

Our Peers said we were the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is one thing for a company to claim to be the best. They do that all the time. At JR’s Comfortable Heat we work hard to be the best at what we do. In 2005 all our hard work paid off. On a commercial radiant heating and snow melt project we were named Best in Show by the Radiant Panel Association. We scored the highest ever points total in the ten year history of the competition. Four of the top radiant Engineers and Designers in our industry were the judges. This included John Sigenthaller P.E., who wrote most of the books in our country on radiant heating. This was a national level contest that included entries from all over the world!! (Mostly U.S.A and Canada)

We are dedicated to saving our enviroment by reducing the co2 levels in our atmosphere. This means HUGE FUEL SAVINGS!!!. In the last decade John Ruhnke has done extensive research, had the best training and traveled across the continent to find the best ways to reduce co2 in heating systems.