Gas Absorption Heat Pumps

There is a very good state rebate available for this technology. GAHP’s (Gas Absorption Heat Pumps) are a great alternative to the Standard Geothermal Systems on the market. There are some great state rebates available for this technology. The technology comes in both Geo (Ground) or Air source. They make an excellent cold weather heat pump. In fact in our cold climate the air source GAHP’s perform better then standard Geothermal systems in the cost of fuel to operate and the reduction of co2. They do this without having to dig holes in the ground!!

To the right is a picture of an installed air source GAHP system. One unit does both the heating and cooling loads for the entire house. The Ammonia/Water mixture absorbs energy from the air in combination with energy from natural gas or propane. The Robur GAHP is over 100% efficient down to -4 fahrenheit. Hot or cold water is distributed throughout the building from the GAHP. The water can be piped to a fan coil for forced air heat, to convectors or to radiant heat.