The Great Global Warming Debate


Together we must change popular opinion so that our politicians

 can begin to make a difference and reduce CO2!!!


Look into the eyes of the future generation (Your Kids!!!) and tell

them that you don’t believe the warning of the climatologists!!

There are two kinds of opinion. The first is the opinion of the populace and second is the opinion of the technical, engineering and scientific community. The biggest problem with the Internet lately is that anybody can start a website. Everyone becomes an expert over night and popular opinion is formed. Search engines reveal this popular opinion but is it really the best opinion?

As an example let’s look at the following statement and the difference in opinion between the populace and scientific community.

Global warming is happening and man is the cause.

The weathermen represent the popular opinion in this statement. 67% disagree. It is obvious that some weathermen are chosen by popular opinion and not there scientific skill set. They are picked for there ability to look good on camera. They don’t publish many scientific papers. Yet most people will follow the advise of these people. Weathermen form there opinion based on popular opinion. If they tell the public what they want to hear, it makes them more successful. They are rewarded for there popularity. The average American doesn’t believe global warming is a real problem. This follows into politics. Politicians do what there contributers want. They do this to make themselves more successful. Very few politicians have the guts to do what is right.

The climatologist is a scientist that studies our climate. He publishes in peer reviewed scientific journals. 97% believe in the statement, global warming is happening and man is the cause. They have felt this way for a long time. Not only that they say things are happening at a faster rate then they originally projected. They are giving a dire warning!! They say that there will be some major consquences for future generations. 

I have a saying that works well in technical applications. It is who you learn from that counts!! In order to become the best, first you must learn from the best. If you want to know what is happening with our climate talk to a climatologist!!