Greenwich Water Fall Project

This project involved installing three pumps into a 40,000 gallon underground storage tank. The pumps delivered 1200 gallons per minute of flow leading to two separate water effect displays. The pumps were originally designed for underground deep wells. We designed and installed a jacket to fit over the pumps. The jacket cooled down the motor just as is done in a well. Without the jacket, the pumps would have overheated and burned in a matter of days. We installed four inch stainless steel pipes leading from the pumps in the tanks. We hung everything from the ceiling with special anchors designed for the heavy loads.

On one of the effects two pipes sized six inch and eight inch fed an effect that required a two foot diameter drain pipe to carry water back to the underground holding tank. A center piece was a 400 gallon per minute water fall. Water cascaded over rocks, and flowed out of the mouths of some statues. A fast moving stream split into two while running through the effect. Click above to see some pictures.